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IM 1

JPotter: Pacey?

JPotter: Hello?

PWitter: Hey-sorry. Just suffering the annoyance we like to call Doug Witter.

JPotter: What's up?

PWitter: I came over here to check my email and search for apartments and he's trying to boot me off his computer.

JPotter: Would you rather look through the classifieds with me?

Pwitter: With both of us being practically booted from our respective residences maybe we should just take to a life on the streets? Better yet, let's make the True Love our permanent residence.

JPotter: LOL. Yeah, as much as I wish I could spend the rest of my life doing odd jobs at random ports, I gotta get back to the reality that is my life…

PWitter: Hey, Jo. Don't worry about the sex questions.

JPotter: I'm not worried, really. Just irritated… your apparent superior ability to assess the human character is gonna go to your head.

PWitter: Very funny. Care to tell me that to my face?

JPotter: Of course I do. See you for dinner. I gotta go help Bessie, by the way, despite the fact this place runs fine without me.

PWitter: Well, if it helps, I still need you.

JPotter: It does. See you tonight.

PWitter: See ya.

PWitter has signed off.

IM 2

PWitter: There's my girl!

JPotter: Hey.

PWitter: Thanks for the dinner last night. The B&B is serving cuisine of late that would even make Fred Fricke proud.

JPotter: Yeah, no kidding. Business is through the roof.

PWitter: That's great!

JPotter: Yeah, it's great… and I don't mean at all to make this all about me, but I can't help but feel I had nothing to do with it.

PWitter: Jo, that's ridiculous.

JPotter: I know it is. It's just that I was here for the hard part, and didn't get to see the fruitful outcome.

PWitter: You're here for it now.

JPotter: Yeah, I don't know what I mean. I guess I just wanted to feel responsible.

PWitter: Jo, you know you worked hard on that. You gotta stop beating yourself up. It's like you're this beautiful, talented, amazing person and you never take the time to stop and enjoy it.

JPotter: Well, that seems a little egotistical.

PWitter: No, egotistical is when you celebrate yourself even when you're a worthless loser like me.

JPotter: Pacey!

PWitter: But I got you to smile, right?

JPotter: I'm just talking crazy.

PWitter: Look, be happy for Bessie and the B&B. You didn't want to stay here in Capeside forever taking care of that place. Now you can concentrate on other things.

JPotter: Like my charming boyfriend with the wandering hands?

PWitter: Yeah, that and the college applications to every Ivy League in the country.

JPotter: Not talking about that.

PWitter: Okay, okay. Listen, Gretch is on my back to go look at furniture. This should be fairly painful, so I'm gonna get it over with…

JPotter: Okay, I'll see you later.

PWitter: Take care.

JPotter: Bye.

PWitter has signed off.

IM 3
PWitter: Hey… who's the best girlfriend in the world?

JPotter: I'm hoping you mean me.

PWitter: I do indeed. Thanks for your patience on the apartment hunt today.

JPotter: I think Gretchen requires more patience than I do; she's the one who's going to be living with you.

PWitter: That's quite amusing. No, really.

JPotter: You know I'm kidding. I'm glad to help you look for a place. Keeps my mind off other things.

PWitter: Like…

JPotter: Oh, you know, looking for a job, getting college apps, going back to school, dealing with the unspeakable…

PWitter: What's the unspeakable?

JPotter: Pacey.

PWitter: Potter.

JPotter: You know, you, me, Dawson, roaming the halls of Capeside while we ignore the teen angst that has unfortunately taken over our lives?

PWitter: Sounds like a plan.

JPotter: Pacey, I'm serious. What's gonna happen if we end up in the same classes or…

PWitter: Joey, Joey, we'll deal with it. And I'm not saying that in an off-putting, let's talk about it later kinda way. I mean it's really going to be okay.

JPotter: What makes you so sure? Have you talked to Dawson lately?

PWitter: Well, that would be a big no. But I'm willing to bet that he will forgive you especially.

JPotter: How do you know?

PWitter: That's how it works when somebody means that much to you.

JPotter: Hey Pace?

PWitter: Hey Jo.

JPotter: When is it going to hit you that I'm with you?

PWitter: Hey, I don't like getting used to a good thing. I'm never taking you for granted.

JPotter: I think I like that. Gotta go-Alexander has gotten loose and Bessie's tied up with a guest.

PWitter: Catch you later. Sleep well. See you in school.

JPotter: I know, I know. Back to the real world. Don't remind me.

PWitter has signed off.

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