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IM 1

PWitter: I have absolutely no interest in having sex with you.

JPotter: None?

PWitter: None.

JPotter: Okay, then, I'll be sure not to share my decisions regarding birth control with you.

PWitter: Yes, best just to let me find out the bad way.

JPotter: Lol

JPotter: Thanks, by the way, for your e-mail. It was sweet.

PWitter: Well, I meant it. Especially about the part where I implied you could feel free to ignore me if I was being a sex crazed mass of hormones.

JPotter: You really would feel comfortable if I talked to Gretchen?

PWitter: Well, yeah. But, you're not going to, are you?

JPotter: Lol.

PWitter: You can talk to Gretchen. But I like it better when you talk to me.

JPotter: Okay, well, I don't know about going on the pill or anything yet, but at least I'm starting to find out more about this stuff and getting more comfortable with it.

PWitter: Yeah... and you know I'm kidding, right.

JPotter: You're only partially kidding.

PWitter: So, only partially kidding. But serious about when I said you were worth the wait. Jo, it doesn't matter to me. Only the nagging question...

JPotter: Hello?

JPotter: What?

PWitter: It doesn't matter.

JPotter: Pacey, what? Come on, Bessie's trying to get on line and I don't want to leave things hanging!

PWitter: Okay, but I'm only saying this on the safe and happy assumption that I can say anything to you...

JPotter: Go ahead, Lloyd Dobler.

PWitter: It's not something I want to talk about, okay? But if you want to know, I guess I was just thinking how this situation could have been different if... well, you know, if your choice had been different.

PWitter: Hello?

JPotter: Pacey.

PWitter: Yes?

JPotter: I don't have any words for this anymore. I don't even know how to convince you, aside from the fact that every morning I wake up and you're still the first person I want to talk to. You're the last person I want to talk to at night. You're it, Pacey.

PWitter: Thanks, Potter.

JPotter: Now I've gotta log off, but will you please think about one thing before you fall asleep?

PWitter: Yes...

JPotter: I'm crazy about you. And I shouldn't have to tell you that every day.

PWitter: I know that, Jo...

JPotter: And we're both going through a lot of stuff right now and thinking about college is really stressful...

PWitter: I know that, too

JPotter: But I do know how nice it is to hear.

PWitter: I'm crazy about you, Jo. Sleep well, Potter.

JPotter: You too, Pace. I'll see you in the morning.

PWitter: I look forward to it.

JPotter: Me too. Okay, now Bessie's really freaking out. Sweet dreams.

JPotter has signed off.

IM 2

PWitter: Jo?

JPotter: Hey!

PWitter: Count me in for the walk. My skin is crawling.

JPotter: Why?

PWitter: Gretchen is reliving her high school days with such intensity that she's looking over my shoulder while I do my English reading.

JPotter: lol

PWitter: You told her to, didn't you?

JPotter: No! I'm not that condescending. Are you coming here?

PWitter: Yes, I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

JPotter: See you soon.

PWitter has signed off

IM 3
JPotter: That guy Drue is a creep.

PWitter: What now?

JPotter: Nothing. He just sent me an annoying e-mail.

PWitter: I'm sure he's just trying to get a rise out of you. I recognize the trait.

JPotter: Pacey, there's a huge difference between you and Drue.

PWitter: Oh yeah?

JPotter: Yes. You don't have a heart of stone

PWitter: I'm awfully glad you don't think so.

JPotter: How're our weekend plans shaping up?

PWitter: Scary. I made the mistake of sibling bonding and now Gretchen's all excited. She wants to plan our date.

JPotter: That's sweet.

PWitter: Yes, if we weren't nearly adults and should be able to do these things on our own.

JPotter: We can do these things on our own.

PWitter: What kind of things?

JPotter: Come on, you know I don't do this stuff over the Internet.

PWitter: Well, if memory serves, we have a study date.

JPotter: We do indeed. 9:00?

PWitter: See you then.

JPotter: Take care.

PWitter: bye.

JPotter has signed off.

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