To: Pwitter
From: Jpotter
Subject: Forward: Freak girl

Pacey - Remember that freakish no-name anxiety girl we met at the party? I'm forwarding you her email to me. Could you please find out her real name so I can make sure that if we both get in and attend Worthington I can avoid her at all costs?


To: Jpotter
From: Brainiac
Subject: Re: Party Tonight

>>Hey #4 -

Joey, right? Remember me? I'm number third in my class... I met you at the Worthington event tonight.

I have to tell you, you made me feel a lot better about being third. You seem to be pretty solidly locked in #4 and it isn't causing you any problems. You've got that great boyfriend, great college prospects... anyway, I guess I just wanted to say thank you. I guess third isn't the end of the world.

Thanks! Oh - that cute boyfriend of yours... did you happen to have his email address?

#3 (<<

To: PWitter
From: JPotter
Subject: Question

Quick question: What do you want for Christmas, Pacey?

To: JPotter
From: PWitter
Subject: Question

>>Quick question: What do you want for Christmas, Pacey?<<


Don't you know? I have everything I want. I have you.


To: Pwitter
From: Jpotter
Subject: I forgot!

Pacey - With all the party/college stress, I forgot to tell you - Bessie and Bodie are going out of town tomorrow... for three days. I'm on Alexander-duty and hopefully, you'll feel like doing it with me. It's three whole days... alone! No guests, no siblings... just us.

I do need to study but other than that, I'm all yours if you're up for it! We could hang out, rent a movie, make dinner, um... there's lots of possibilities.


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