Instant Messages

IM 1

PWitter: Jo?

JPotter: Pace?

PWitter: Just making sure you got home from Dawson's all right.

JPotter: Pacey, you dropped me off.

PWitter: Oh, right. I forgot.

JPotter: You forgot? It was like twenty minutes ago.

PWitter: Hey, I'm a guy making up an excuse. What do you want from me?

JPotter: Excuse to IM me? Why?

PWitter: You were awfully quiet on the drive home...

JPotter: So you do remember...

PWitter: ...There's nothing you might what to discuss?

JPotter: Nope.

PWitter: Nothing?

JPotter: Nice weather we're having for this time of year, huh? Although it always seems unseasonably warm in Capeside for some reason...

PWitter: Nothing else?

JPotter: Well I do have some reading to do for English and a paper due too...

PWitter: What's the paper for?

JPotter: Human Behavior. I'm probably going to stay up and work on that tonight.

PWitter: Why tonight?

JPotter: I'm not that tired.

PWitter: Something keeping you up?

JPotter: No, Pacey. Just schoolwork. You know, that very thing you should be spending every waking moment doing as well.

PWitter: Fine, fine. Well, Gretchen just got home... I'm going to go talk to her.

JPotter: Gretchen just got home?

PWitter: Yeah, from Dawson's.

PWitter: You sure you don't want to talk about anything.

JPotter: I've got work to do, Pacey. Tell Gretchen I said...

PWitter: Yeah?

JPotter: ...Hi.

JPotter: Bye, Pace.

PWitter: Night, Jo.

JPotter has signed off.

IM 2

JPotter: Pacey!

PWitter: Hey, Jo.

JPotter: What are you still doing up?

PWitter: I was selling something on E-bay. Guess how much I got for it?

JPotter: $42.00 plus $3.50 for shipping?

PWitter: OK, how did you know that?

JPotter: Because I've been bidding on it all night!!!

PWitter: Why?

JPotter: For your Christmas present!!!!

PWitter: Oops.

JPotter: Why are you trying to get rid of 2 NEWLY RELEASED ELIVS LIDS? You love Elvis.

PWitter: Sure, but I love you more. Besides, I needed money to buy your present.

JPotter: Really?

PWitter: Yeah, I was going to get you that pony you always wanted.

JPotter: Pacey!!

PWitter: Cough over the $42, Potter! Unless you want to pay me in another way...

JPotter: You'll get a check tomorrow.

JPotter has signed off.

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