Instant Messages

IM 1

PWitter: Jo?

JPotter: Pace?

PWitter: Jo.

JPotter: Pace?

PWitter: Jo!

JPotter: Pace! What are you doing?

PWitter: I just wanted to ask...

JPotter: Yeah...?

PWitter: If we're hanging out tonight...

JPotter: Yeah?

PWitter: So... do you want to do it at “jo pace” or mine?

PWitter: ...Jo? You there?

JPotter: Yeah...

PWitter: Get it? Jo Pace or mine? Like your place or mine?

JPotter: I got it, Pace.

PWitter: You have to admit...

JPotter: ...that you're not very punny.

PWitter: LOL!

JPotter: See ya at jo pace in twenty minutes.

JPotter: :)

PWitter has signed off.

IM 2

PWitter: Hey, Jo.

JPotter: I had a great time at jo pace the other night.

PWitter: Me too.

JPotter: Just wanted to let you know.

PWitter: Thanks. :)

PWitter: I always have a great time with you.

JPotter: Even when we're fighting?

PWitter: Yeah, even then. Besides, I prefer to think of it as banter.

JPotter: Yeah, banter.

PWitter: It's the silence that I hate.

PWitter: You there?

JPotter: Yeah, I'm here. Bodie needs the phone. I've got to go.

JPotter has signed off.

JPotter has signed on.

JPotter: Pacey?

PWitter: Yeah?

JPotter: One more thing... I love you. And I'll banter any time you want. :)

PWitter: Same goes for me.

JPotter has signed off.

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