Instant Messages

IM 1

JPotter: Hey, Pacey

PWitter: What up Potter? Blow any of the cash yet?

JPotter: Yeah, I traded Bodie's truck in for a Saab. And flew to the Bahamas... just to get a decent Pina Colada.

PWitter: So... no.

JPotter: That's Worthington money. I'm not going to touch it for any other reason.

PWitter: I still can't believe he gave it to you.

JPotter: He's pretty amazing.

PWitter: Hey, promise me something...

JPotter: Anything.

JPotter: Hello?

PWitter: While you're at Worthington... Don't spend all that money on beer and male strippers, okay?

JPotter: I guess that's okay. :) I love you, Pacey.

PWitter: I love you too.

PWitter has signed off.

IM 2

PWitter: I can't believe it! I'm pissed!

JPotter: What happened?

PWitter: Ditch Day.

JPotter: What about it?

PWitter: I can't participate. I have to be at school.

JPotter: Why?

PWitter: I have a stupid quiz. In one of my stupid Junior classes. Can my life get any more humiliating?

JPotter: Probably.

PWitter: That's comforting, Joey.

JPotter: What else are girlfriends for? Besides, it'll be ok. Ditch Day usually sucks anyway. It's like the prom. Lots of hype for nothing.

PWitter: Good point. See... you did make me feel a little better.

JPotter: Glad to help.

PWitter: Wanna have sex?

JPotter: Pacey! That's romantic.

PWitter: Ok. I love you. Wanna have sex?

JPotter: Hmm…ok!

JPotter has signed off.

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