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DLeery: Joey... what are you doing on-line? You're supposed to be over here for our graduation party.

JPotter: I know, I know. Bessie's just putting Alexander down and getting the baby-sitter settled. We'll be over in like 20 minutes.

DLeery: There's not any other reason that you're hanging out on-line?

JPotter: Let's dispense with the circuitous questions. I haven't heard from Pacey.

DLeery: But you were hoping to?

JPotter: Of course I was. He's not answering his phone.

DLeery: Did you leave him a message?

JPotter: Gretchen took the machine... I wish he'd been at graduation.

DLeery: Did you really expect him to be?

JPotter: I don't know what I expect anymore... Who's over there?

DLeery: Jen and Grams so far.

JPotter: Are Jack and Andie coming?

DLeery: They're going to try. Their dad wanted them to spend some time visiting with their mom. Especially since Andie will be leaving again in a couple days.

JPotter: Sure, makes sense. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to her. It was too hectic at the ceremony.

DLeery: About Pacey?

JPotter: If he told anyone what he was doing, he told Andie.

DLeery: Hurry over, Jo. And listen, try not to worry about Pacey. Wherever he is, it's his choice. And there's a part of him that will always be with you no matter where he is.

JPotter: Thanks, Dawson. I'll be over soon.

DLeery: See ya, Joey.

DLeery has signed off.

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