Graduation Speech

Principal Peskin. Our families. My fellow graduates. I stand before you aware of the similarities we share. I know you're feeling the same things I feel. Feelings of pride and accomplishment, of closure and regret, and a hopeful outlook for the future. You don't need me to elaborate on those feelings. Instead I'd like to say something personal. And tell you that there are people in my life who are gone now. People I miss very much. And I am haunted by them in different ways. Whether we're separated by death, or merely distance, I know they're still with me. Because I keep them in my heart. The truth is, in time that's all we'll be to each other anyway... a population of memories. Some wonderful and endearing. Some less so. But taken together, those memories help make us who we are -- and who we will be. Whether you're here with each other now... or merely in each other's thoughts... remember one another on the road ahead. And I hope, no matter where your travels lead you in this life... you take Capeside with you.

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