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PWitter: May I interrupt, Miss Potter?

JPotter: Ugh... Please don't talk like that. You sound like Mr. Kasdan when he catches people talking in class... I hate it when he calls me "Miss Potter."

PWitter: I know, that's why I said it. :) How's the play reading?

JPotter: The story kind of bothers me actually. A little too simplistic.

PWitter: What's it about? (Did I really just ask that?)

JPotter: It's about these two guys and this girl... Actually, I'll tell you another time. What book do u have to read?

PWitter: 1984. I just started and it bites. I can't believe the same guy who wrote this also made that great American movie "Animal House." That's the only movie that ever gave PWitter hope about going to college.

JPotter: I think you're confused. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm, not "Animal House." And something tells me you're not quite the "frat" type. Anyway, If you look closely, I'm sure you'll see it on your reading list.

PWitter: You're right, it's there. How disappointing.

JPotter: If you like, I'll proofread your "Invisible Man" report when you're done... Not that you need it. :)

PWitter: Oh, ye of little faith. Just kidding. Actually, I already finished. And trust me, it needs proofing... desperately.

JPotter: Sounds great, you can e-mail it to me if you want. Why are you up so late, again? Lemme, guess... the Elvis sign?

PWitter: Still the high bidder, might I add.

JPotter: Don't you know the secret of bidding online?... You just wait until the minute the auction is about to end, then you type in a price so high that the other bidder can't match it in time. And then you only have to pay the other bidder's maximum bet.

PWitter: You're crafty, Potter. And I mean that in the lewdest way possible.

JPotter: I'm sure you do. :)

PWitter: Anyway, I'm outta here. Gonna find out how the first page of this book ends and then it's beddy-bye. 'Nite... Miss Potter.

JPotter: I hate you.

PWitter has signed off.

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