Entry 1

Well, just when everything seemed to be getting better in Paceyland, Leery senior shuts down the rides in Tommorrowland.  That's right, today, my interim guidance counselor, better known as Mr. Leery, the sire of my ex-best friend, told me I wasn't quite a senior.  Actually, I can't really put the blame on him.  Rumor has it I flunked three classes last year.  I guess that makes me a jr. senior.  I did, however, ace Phys. Ed.  for the second straight year.  How come no one ever brings that up?

Joking aside, I gotta admit, I'm pretty scared.  Actually, more scared than I've ever been in my whole life.  There were times this summer when I was out on the open seas, when the weather got a little scary.  But, at least then I had Joey.  I can't let her know about this though, as crazy as that sounds.  I can't have her thinking I'm more of  screw-up then she already does.  Next thing you know, she'll be running  back to you know who.  Geez, I'm pathetic.  Good thing all the utensils on my boat are plastic.  Bad joke.  Ok, I guess I'm done.  I'm gonna go wallow in a box of cold pizza and a big glass of self-pity.  Bye.

Entry 2

Well, tonight I apologized to Joey for being so insensitive and not telling her about my "Senior-in-waiting" status.  Me?  Insenstitive?  How many high school boys keep a journal for chrissakes!  Who am I kidding.  She was right, per usual.  You know what's funny?  After every time we make-up, I'll be looking for her and I can't believe that I was ever mad at this beautiful, perfect creature.  Don't tell Joey I ever referred to her as a "creature".  Who am I talking to?  Oh yeah, myself.  For the record, self, you feel a lot better now that you know you have someone on your side.  So don't let your insecurities blow it for you nex time,  Witter.  Your sister's right, this one's a keeper.

Entry 3

I gotta give myself the proverbial pat on the back.  I did a pretty good job of fixing this place up.  Although, Gretchen did do some of the work.  Most, actually.  Alright, with all these after school classes, if it wasn't for Gretchen, we'd probably be sleeping on cardboard with newspaper blankets.  But, mu conscience likes to think I helped.  After spending all that time on the boat this summer, you'd think I'd be glad to abandon ship.  But, to tell you the truth, I kinda miss it.  Before I moved in here, being on that boat always made me feel closer to Joey even when she wasn't around.  That boat's a big part of me.  It represents all the good things that have happened in my life, which haven't been many.  Most of all it represents Joey.  Don't know what I would ever do if I lost her.  Joey - I mean.  And the "True Love". I'm gonnna stop now before I put my foot in my mouth.

Entry 4

I've been talking to Andie a lot lately.  Actually, not in person, just cyberchatting.  She's offered to help me with my studies again.  As uncomfortable as that thought seems at first, I think I may actually have to take her up on it.  I'm gonna need a lot of help making up those three classes.  And with Joey's new job a the Yacht club, I know it's gonna be hard for her to be there for me every day.

It's just kinda weird, y'know.  I get the feeling that Andie may still ahve some feelings for me. I mean, she can't ever email me without mentioning Joey. Which, I guess, is no big thing.  I just hope Joey thinks the same.  Anyway, gotta hit the books.

Entry 5

Since Joey and I returned from the high seas, I've had time to think about other people.  Dawson, in particular.  I have to admit, I was pretty angry at Dawson when I found out he told Joey about my situation at school.  Still not sure if he was trying to make me look bad or if he was actually trying to help me.  However, this being my senior year, I can't help but think about my former best friend.  I remember when we were in junior high, we use to talk about how cool it would be when we were seniors: Driving to school, parking in the senior parking lot, senior pranks, going to the movies with our girlfriends.  So far, none of that's happened, and I can't imagine any of it happening in the near future.  I remember most of all, we talked about how we could become legends, by pulling off the most elaborate Senior prank in the history of Capeside High.  So far, the only --- this year has been me.  --- I'm not evey a senior.

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