To: PWitter
From: JPotter
Subject: The Unusual Suspects

Alright, Keyser Soze. Spill the beans. I want all the details. When did you guys find the time to get together and plan this? How did you and Dawson start speaking again? And more importantly, why wasn't I included? Sounds like a little case of gender discrimination to me. I can pull pranks with the best of 'em, y'know. Remember way back to Jr. High and that little stunt someone pulled involving your underwear, a faulty inner tube, and a can of gravy? That's right. Yours truly. With a little help from Dawson, might I add. By the way, it was nice seeing the two of you together again. It seems like an eternity since the three of us were in that room together. I know things still aren't exactly perfect, but it looks like you two are on the right path. So you better get back to me with all the specifics, unless you feel like another can of gravy in your shorts! Which would be more than appropriate figuring tomorrow is Turkey day.


P.S. Please don't bring that disgusting cranberry sauce that you brought to Grams' last year.


To: JPotter
From: PWitter
Subject: You're sneaky!

   That was you who pulled that?! And all these years I've been blaming Kenny Reiling for that stunt! Boy, just when you think you know somebody. But like we told you earlier, the scenario we presented you with was merely a hypothetical. But I'll give Drue credit, it would take a near genius to pull off that stunt. I mean, to get that boat into the pool in the middle of the night and escape without leaving the slightest trace of the unusual. Genius, I'm telling you. Sheer genius. Wish I would've thought of it... which we all know I didn't. Don't get your hopes too high about Dawson and I. But you're right, it's a start. Who woulda known that such a juvenile prank (of Drue's, of course) would be the impetus for us coming to speaking terms. A prank we had nothing to do with by the way. Have I made that clear yet? Anyway, I'm thinking that I owe poor little Kenny an apology after all these years. It's always the ones you least suspect. By the way, some of those college applications I requested came today. They fit perfectly under the leg of that wobbly table. I'm glad I got them. See ya tomorrow. By the way, if somehow I'm late tomorrow, be sure Bessie doesn't hog all the dark meat, we all know how she loves it. See ya at the Thanksgiving table!


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