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PWitter: Uh, is this Joey?

JPotter: Uh, yeah... what kind of question is that?

PWitter: You sure this isn't Bodie? Or Bessie? Name the girl I had a crush on when I was 12.

JPotter: Pacey, what are you talking about? What's the meaning of this?

PWitter: Just answer the question, woman!

JPotter: Geez! Justine Sherman. What has gotten into you?

PWitter: OK, it's you. Sorry. A guy's just gotta be careful who he's talking to online these days.

JPotter: Did one of those bottle rockets your dad got you fly up your nose and pierce your brain?

PWitter: Ok, now I know it's definitely you... So, have you asked Mrs. Valentine for the days off yet?

JPotter: No, Pacey, I haven't.

PWitter: Well, you should probably do it soon.

JPotter: I know, Pacey, I know.

PWitter: Well, I can't help it. The thought of seeing you in those skin tight snow bunny pants gets me all discombobulated.

JPotter: Well, get recombobulate because you won't be seeing me in any skin tight snow bunny pants. Just some very thick, very heavy, very durable, run of the mill ski pants.

PWitter: How sad.

JPotter: Excuse me?

PWitter: I meant, how sad... that your pants will be so heavy... because then, you may not be able to, uh, ski... as fast.

JPotter: Nice try.

PWitter: Thanks. I thought so.

JPotter: Bye, Pacey

PWitter: Bye, Potter

PWitter has signed off.

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