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IM 1

PWitter: You there, Jo?

JPotter: Hey, sweetheart.

PWitter: Where have you been? I wanted to see you.

JPotter: Oh, I just kind of wanted to be alone for a while.

PWitter: Any particular reason you felt such a need to be alone?

JPotter: Not a big reason, really. Just... as much fun as the weekend was, guess I just wanted to have a chance to absorb things. See a movie, settle in. Be away from Bessie!

PWitter: That makes sense.

JPotter: But I actually ended up running into Dawson, who also apparently wanted to be alone.

PWitter: Oh, yeah?

JPotter: And when I saw himů I don't know, I felt weird just being like, "bye!" so we ended up hanging out together.

PWitter: Oh. Okay.

JPotter: It was nice.

PWitter: Was it...

JPotter: Weird?

PWitter: Well, I had a whole list of colorful adjectives to choose from, but sure, you could go with that one.

JPotter: No, you know, it was totally fine. He said I looked different.

PWitter: You look beautiful.

JPotter: You have to say that.

PWitter: No, I don't. Nothing's in it for me. Especially now that I got what I wanted.

JPotter: Pacey!

PWitter: I'm kidding. I've got that picture right here.

JPotter: Really?

PWitter: Really. He didn't say anything?

JPotter: You mean, did he ask about us?

PWitter: You know what? I'm being a complete and utter moron. Frankly, it's getting embarrassing.

JPotter: No more so than usual. :) He's crazy about your sister.

PWitter: So it would seem. Who knew, huh? She's such a shrew.

PWitter: Thank you.

JPotter: For what?

PWitter: For being with me.

JPotter: Pace, you don't need to thank me for that. It's what I want to do.

PWitter: What else do you want to do?

JPotter: Nothing I can discuss right now-Bessie's coming in.

PWitter: Ooh, dangerous.

JPotter: 'Night

PWitter: Love you.

JPotter: You too.

JPotter has signed off.

IM 2

PWitter: Ya know what seems just wrong?

JPotter: Hello to you, too.

PWitter: You know what's insanely wrong?

JPotter: What's that?

PWitter: That you're not here, right now.

JPotter: That's sweet. But it's extremely late.

PWitter: I know-that's the point! This is silly! On the one hand we've entered this big adult world and on the other hand we still have to abide by curfews and whatnot.

JPotter: I somehow doubt that Gretchen gives you a curfew. Or that Bessie gives me one either, for that matter.

PWitter: Oh, so I could just come over right now and spend the night? We've entered the land of no rules?

JPotter: Well... I wouldn't say that either.

PWitter: It would be nice, though. To wake up with you again.

JPotter: To not have to rush to catch a bus.

PWitter: To spend the whole day alone.

JPotter: Okay... this is all well and good, this fantasy world, Pace.

PWitter: Well, I'll see what I can do.

JPotter: Haha, yeah, get on that, would ya?

PWitter: You won't be laughing so hard when I show up at your place in five minutes with the car all packed for a getaway!

JPotter: That I'd like to see. But I have a test tomorrow :(

PWitter: I know. But it's something to think about.

JPotter: Or at least dream about.

PWitter: See you in the morning.

JPotter: 'Night.

JPotter has signed off.

IM 3

JPotter: Pace?

PWitter: That's me.

JPotter: It just occurred to me: we're so concerned about when we can be alone, and where. But what about the Wellfleet winter festival?

PWitter: You're kidding.

JPotter: Okay, yes, I am. But did you ever go there when you were little?

PWitter: Have you met my family?

JPotter: Have you met mine?

PWitter: Yes. So how on earth did you ever go to the Wellfleet winter festival?

JPotter: Leerys.

PWitter: They never took me!

JPotter: I think they asked and you laughed at them.

PWitter: That seems about right.

JPotter: So no festival for us.

PWitter: I still prefer the idea of bedding down here, if you know what I mean.

JPotter: Oh, I hear you loud and clear, Pacey.

PWitter: I'm just saying...

JPotter: I'll try sweetheart. Gotta go for now. Love you.

PWitter: You, too.

JPotter has signed off.

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