Instant Messages

IM 1

JPotter: Pace?

PWitter: Yes?

JPotter: Why are we typing emails back and forth when we're both online?

PWitter: That's a good question.

JPotter: Is it just because you like to type uninterrupted?

PWitter: Yes, that's it.

JPotter: Really?

PWitter: No! I don't know. Sometimes an email just seems more romantic, you know? Gives me time to think things out. Spell check.

JPotter: You don't misspell in your IMs.

PWitter: That's because I check before I click send. Are we done having this conversation?

JPotter: You know, if you wanted to be romantic, you could write a letter.

PWitter: Yes, or I could rent you a wall.

JPotter: Touché.

PWitter: Hey, so are you and Gretchen okay?

JPotter: Yeah, why do you ask?

PWitter: You haven't been your usual girly selves.

JPotter: Meaning?

PWitter: Meaning normally when you come over there's all kinds of conspiracy and now it's just polite chitchat.

JPotter: Oh. Well, you know, we discussed what we needed to discuss. Why, did she say something?

PWitter: No. It's totally nothing. I need to finish writing you an email now.

JPotter: Ooh-is it a good one?

PWitter: Well, if you're gonna get frisky I could just come over.

JPotter: Not that kind of good.

PWitter: What are you wearing?

JPotter: Don't you have an email to send?

PWitter: Yes, but you don't get off that easy.

JPotter: Then neither should you.

PWitter: Oh! Nasty!

JPotter: I learned from the best. I look forward to the email.

PWitter: Talk to you soon.

JPotter: Love you.

PWitter: You, too.

JPotter has signed off.

IM 2

JPotter: So the Junior Police thing is a joke, right?

PWitter: Yes. I'm not giving up on a hopeful future that easily. Plus, I don't think Doug would have me.

JPotter: He said he would be proud to count you as one of his own!

PWitter: Yes, and perhaps he even meant it at the time. But he's slightly peeved at me since then, given that I not so subtly pushed his slob of a sister into his painfully pristine abode.

JPotter: Did he catch onto that?

PWitter: I don't see how he couldn't have. Must have seemed awfully obvious.

JPotter: Maybe she should have just stayed at Dawson's.

PWitter: Well, I guess they had a tiff or something.

JPotter: Right.

JPotter: You there?

PWitter: Yes, sorry, I was just throwing something in the dryer.

JPotter: Oh, speaking of, I gotta help Bessie with laundry. Call me. Or email me. Or some form of communication.

PWitter: You can count on it.

JPotter: Love you.

PWitter: You, too.

JPotter has signed off.

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