100: Emotions In Motion (Pilot)

(Sail boats drift along the creek.  Joey is sitting in a lawn chair at the docks, when something suddenly rises from the lake and
grabs her.)

Joey: Ahhhhhhhh!!

(The thing pulls her and the lawn chair into the water.  Dawson is on the side filming this.)

Dawson: No! Cut, cut, cut. Pacey...three counts you gotta wait before you come up.  Come on!

(Pacey is the "thing" that pulled Joey into the water.  As he is trying to climb out of the water, Joey pulls him back down.)

Joey: God, Pacey!

Pacey: (He pulls off the mask and climbs out of the water.) What was that all about?

Dawson: Joey... Pacey, C'mon. You go before she's established on the dock, it's not scary.

Joey: (She grabs a towel and wraps it around her neck.) You did it again, you grabbed my ass.

Pacey: Like you even have one.
[The first lines of banter between our favorite couple-Gotta love it.]

Dawson: Guys, we're way behind schedule, all right. We got two weeks.  I'm not going to make the festival.

Joey: I'm not playing the victim.

Dawson: Hello, some cooperation.

Pacey: Hey, it's Meryl Streep's fault okay, I'm doing my best.

Joey: (glaring at him) Bite me.

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