101: Dirty Dancing/Dance

(Pacey and Joey playing their characters in Dawson's movie.)

Joey: I know what I saw. It was big and it was ugly and it attacked me and it's still out there, just waiting.

Pacey: I might not believe you Stephanie, but I believe in you.

(He moves in to kiss her.  Their lips are just about to meet when Joey pulls away.)

Joey: Uh...

Pacey: What? What?! Come on, What?

Dawson: Cut!

Joey: Sorry, Dawson, but he is just too repelling.

Dawson: Joey, You're going to have to kiss him.


(Dawson's bedroom)

Joey: I cannot and will not kiss that cretin.

Dawson: It's a movie, you're playing a character. It's not Pacey your kissing.

Joey: So he's a sea serpent from the deep, cite the difference?

Dawson: But your not aware of his evil alter ego.  You're in love.

Joey: Forget it.

Dawson: The movie doesn't work without a kiss, Joey, it's a love story.

Joey: It's a horror movie, Dawson!

Dawson: It's an homage with a heavy allegorical slant.

Joey: But he's so... unkissworthy.

Dawson: Do it for me?

Joey: I don't want to regurgitate on camera. Why don't you kiss him?


Dawson: ...The question is will your lips ever find Pacey's?

Joey: I vote for an extensive re-write.


(Capeside High cafeteria)

Dawson: Okay, I'm not going to be able to count on the film class for support like I was hoping. Which means, we're going to have to work overtime if we want to make the festival deadline. We have to shoot all weekend. Joey, this means, no lip about giving Pacey lip.

Joey: I'm reaching a breaking point with this whole kiss thing.

Pacey: I'm not engorged with this, either okay? It goes both ways.


(They are on the pier, filming Dawson's movie.)

Joey: Steven? Steven?

(Joey sees a bloody shirt and bends down to pick it up. he Creature (Pacey) appears, and Joey screams. She punches him and then picks up an oar and slams him in the stomach with it. He goes down as Joey runs to hide behind an old boat. She stumbles to the ground but picks herself up and
ducks behind the boat. The head model of Joey is held up, and Pacey knocks her head off with the oar. Fake blood squirts out.)

Dawson: And cut. Beautiful.

Jen: Guys, that was really good.

Dawson: Perfect. That could not have gone any better.

Pacey: (Takes of the Creature's head.) Joey, you die so well! Dawson, can we get another one of those? 'Cuz I so love that image.

Dawson: No, we're behind schedule. Moving on.

(Joey smiles sarcastically at Pacey.)


(After they are done filming for the day, Dawson goes to talk to Jen, so Pacey and Joey are left to make small talk.)

Joey: And what are you up to this evening?

Pacey: Well, it just so happens that the woman of my dreams is going to be at the school dance tonight, and I plan on attending.

Joey: (smirking) Lucky her.

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