102: Prelude to A Kiss/Kiss

(At the Ice House)

Pacey: A dozen oysters, Joey, pack 'em up.

(Joey notices Anderson as he walks by.)

Pacey: And you could pack 'em up now, Joey. Hellooo? Joey? Hello? Anybody home?

Dawson: Who is that guy?

Joey: Who's who?

Pacey: Uh, the guy that was breaking your neck.

Dawson: Who is he? Do you know him?

Joey: I've never seen him before. He's probably some rich kid who just stepped off his mommy and daddy's yacht or something.

Pacey: Could it be? Joey is finally noticing the opposite sex!

Joey: Shut up.

Pacey: (shouts)  Excuse me, young man!  This woman here thinks you're very attractive!

(Joey reaches over and covers his mouth.)

Joey: You buttplug.

Pacey: Forget it, Joey. Guys off yachts don't go for waitresses.

Joey: I'm going to kill you. One night in your sleep, a slit throat maybe, or a screwdriver to your temple. Be ready.

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