106: The Breakfast Club/Detention

(Joey and Dawson are in Dawson's room discussing the movie they are watching.)

Dawson: Second of all, I don't compete with other guys. You don't see me and Pacey running around arm wrestling over some girl.

Joey: Well, as I said, you don't like to lose.

Dawson: What's that supposed to mean?

Joey: Well, Pacey has bigger biceps.

Dawson: No, he does not!

Joey: Are you sure? 'Cause I thought he did.


(Everyone is in detention playing Truth or Dare.)

Abby: Okay, truth. Pacey, why are you in detention?

Pacey: Well, uh, it's just, uh, I want a dare.

Joey: Oh come on, Pacey, just tell us.

Pacey: Hey, I want a dare.

Abby: You are such a wuss. Fine, dare. I dare you to kiss on the lips for 10 seconds...Jen!

Dawson: What?

Abby: We're waiting.

Pacey: This is stupid.

Jen: Yeah, nobody wants to play this game anyway.

Joey: I do, and Pacey said dare. Better do what she says.

Pacey: Fine. What do I care?

(Pacey and Jen kiss for 10 seconds.)

Pacey: Okay, Joey, Miss "you better do what she says", what'll it be? Truth or dare?

Joey: No, you said--

Pacey: Ah-ha-ha-ha. Truth or dare?

Joey: Truth.

Pacey: Okay. Who do you like?

Joey: Who do I like?

Pacey: Very simple. Who are you in love with? The truth.

Joey: Did I say truth? I meant dare.

Abby: You guys are such wimps. Can't any of you handle the truth?

Joey: I'll do anything. I'll climb through the ventilation chaps, or I'll go flash Mrs. Tringle.

Pacey: Okay, perfect. Then in keeping with our kissing theme, Joey I dare you to kiss on the lips for 15 seconds, Dawson Leery.

Joey: No. No way.

Dawson: Pacey grow up!

Abby: No, you have to do it, Joey.

Pacey: You did say you'd do anything.

Joey: Fine. Dawson, come here.

Pacey: Go on.


(Joey asks Jen a Truth question.)

Joey: Is he the guy you're hottest for? I mean, when you look at Dawson do you want to just jump his bones, or is it that you like his personality the best, but in terms of lust you'd rather boink somebody else like Pacey. [I find it very interesting that Joey uses Pacey again when she is comparing Dawson to someone else like she compared Dawson's biceps to Pacey's.]

Jen: No, I like Dawson.

Joey: Yeah, but do you lust for him?

Jen: That's a stupid question.

Dawson: Why is it a stupid question?

Pacey: I'm totally okay with this question.

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