110: The Scare

(Capeside High Cafeteria)

Pacey: My brother is in the know because he's a cop. He says the victims are all young girls around your age, Joey. Listen. This killer apparently stalks his victims with letters and phone calls before he takes a knife to their throat and cuts out their heart.

Joey: No way.

Pacey: I'm not joking. The killer collects hearts, okay? They don't talk about that on the news because its a little morbid but it's true.

Jen: It's sad. I mean, the guy is only looking for love.

Joey: Yeah, I'm sure that'll be his defense when they find him.

Pacey: If they find him, Joey. You know, Dougie says this guy attacks in hundred mile increments, so that makes Capeside the next likely target. (He notices Dawson coming up behind Joey.) You never know where he could be. He could be behind you right now.

(Dawson pokes Joey on her sides and scares her.)

Joey: Dawson! Stop it.

Pacey: You love it, and you know it.


(Dawson slips a fake finger in Pacey's fries when no one is looking.)

....[Needless convo between Dawson and Jen. Who cares.]

(Pacey picks up a the fake finger without looking and bites into it.)

Pacey: Oh God!

Joey: Thanks Dawson, thanks for giving me a break.

Pacey: Okay, that was sly.

.....[More needless convo between Dawson and Jen. *Yawn*]

(Pacey slips the fake finger in Joey's food. Joey picks up the finger and almost bites into it when she notices it's a finger.)

Joey: Pacey! You're such a jerk. That's so gross.


(In front of Dawson's house, Pacey arrives in a jeep.)

Dawson: Here's Pacey. C'mon. Let's go.

Joey: Where?

Dawson: Store. We have to cater the evening.

Joey: Oh. I don't like riding with him. He's a menace on the road.

Pacey: Nah, you ain't hallucinating. Pacey's got the Jeep. Can I hear ya say yea-aaaah, can I hear ya say oh yea-aaah.

Joey: I'm so against this.

Pacey: Seriously. I'm a good driver. You have nothing to worry about. Just get in the bus, Coz.

(Pacey drives recklessly into town.)

Dawson: Congratulations. You are the world's worst driver.

Pacey: I'm not hearing that, Dawson. Can you watch the car, Jo?

Joey: Why?

Pacey: Well, I can't really turn it off. I mean, I can but it's a hazard cuz I don't have the keys.

Joey: Oh yeah, I forget. You steal.

Pacey: Hey, you borrow from family. You never steal.


(Pacey and Joey are walking in the dark through Dawson's house.)

Pacey: He's got you. You're so scared.

Joey: No, I'm not.

Pacey: Oh, please. Quit tripping out. This is just Dawson up to his old, tired tricks. There's no psychopath in this house.

Joey: Yes there is, and you brought her. Pacey, don't you remember what happened with Tamara? This can end up even worse. And your bizarre mother conflicts is gonna get us all killed.

Pacey: Uh, I don't know. I think she's kinda sexy. She's into me. Don't you think?

Joey: She's a nutcase, and the story about the knife in her purse. Face it, Pacey. You have the worst taste in women. [This line amuses me.]

Pacey: Oh, and coming from you that really hurts.

Joey: What's that supposed to mean?

Pacey: What about your taste, Joey? You're gonna go to your grave pining away for your best friend. The guy that is so oblivious, he doesn't have a clue that you lust after him morning, noon, and night. [Luckily for them both, their tastes improve. A lot.]

Joey: I don't lust after him.

Pacey: Denial, denial. (They hear a noise.)  Should we check it out?

Joey: Yeah. Go for it. You're not scared, are you?

(They are going up the stairs when an ax swings in their path.)

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