111: Pretty Woman/Beauty Pageant

(At the Icehouse, Joey is working as they talk about the pageant.)

Joey: It's a blue-blooded tradition that celebrates the grand achievment of being born rich. A culmination of which is an assinine formal dinner held at the yacht club where some young vile whose daddy owns the bank is crowned Miss Windjammer. It's the most archaic display of ageism, racism, and sexism known to man.

Pacey: Do they have a swimsuit competition?

Dawson: I don't think so.

Pacey: You know, maybe I could be one of those guys who warms up the girls before they go on stage.

Joey: It's not a porno, Pacey.


(They are all at the yacht club.  Pacey is trying to register to enter the Miss Windjammer pageant when Joey arrives with Jen.)

Dawson: Very funny. Is this some kind of expose for the paper? Get out! Joey Potter entering a beauty pageant? This is classic.

Joey: Oh, I see. You think I'm such a barking car chaser that a D student with a Julius Caesar haircut [Heh.] has a better shot than me? Thanks a lot.

[Why did I stick this piece of dialogue in?  I thought Joey's description of Pacey was amusing, and it shows once again what a great friend Dawson is....not.]


(At the Leery home)

Dawson: Have you talked to Joey lately?

Pacey: No. Not since our night of naked face suckin'. I'm kidding. [No, he's not. Well, not in the future. ;-)] Why?

Dawson: She's acting cool, but she's been avoiding me.

Pacey: And?

Dawson: And I don't know what to do. I miss her when she's not around.

Pacey: Oh, at last. The moment of truth. Well, thank god. Maybe we can all go home now.

[The following lines between Dawson and Pacey are the truest lines ever about Dawson and Joey, and why a romantic relationship between these two hasn't and never will work.]
Dawson: Pacey, I know you're obsessed about with this little theory of yours, but the truth is, I've never though of Joey in a romantic context. I've always thought of her as like a sister. I just don't think I could ever get past that. If Joey and I got together, it would be a little incestuous.

Pacey: So what you're saying is you don't want her, but you don't want anybody else to have her either?


[And just because I feel like it, I'm throwing in a couple pics of Pacey and Joey at the Miss Windjammer Pageant.]


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