403: The Two Gentleman of Capeside

(Capeside High Hallway - Joey and Dawson walk out of class and head to Joey's locker.)

Dawson: So, Leery Manor, or the B&B? Where do you want to get together?

Joey: Dawson, are you okay with this?

Dawson: Rather than debate the awkwardness of the situation, I much prefer we just get it over with.

Joey: Okay, well, I have to work, so… you're gonna have to come down to the Yacht Club.

Dawson: Okay. Are you going to be able to focus down there?

Joey: Yeah. The place is a tomb on Thursdays. Well, except for one old geezer who always shows up for the prime rib special.

Dawson: Alright, sounds cool. I'll see you later. (He hurries off after seeing Pacey coming toward them.)

Pacey: Well, somebody couldn't have high tailed it out of here fast enough. (He walks up with Jen.  He hugs Joey and gives her a kiss.)

Joey: Oh, and you're in such a race to start a conversation with him?

Jen: Mmm, she's right, Pacey. One day one of you is gonna have to put an end to this era of silence.

Pacey: But not me, and not today. Today, I'm celebrating.

Joey: Celebrating?

Jen: Pacey done good.

Pacey: Oh, Pacey done very good. Pacey, got his first A. (He shows Joey his paper.) Hmm? Good omen, yeah? And I couldn't have done it without you.

Joey: I was but a mere study aid.

Pacey: Sure you were. So now, you're going to come sailing with me this afternoon because this afternoon is the absolute last beautiful day of the season and you have been conscripted to be my deck hand.

Joey: Love to, Pace. But I have a project to do.

Pacey: Put it off for one day.

Joey: It's due tomorrow, and…

Pacey: Am I missing something here?

Joey: It's with Dawson. It wasn't planned. It was assigned.

Pacey: Well, isn't that cute?

Jen: I'll go with you, Pace. I mean, maybe the open horizon will serve to lift my spirits a bit. Huh?

Pacey: Really?

Jen: Yeah.

Joey: There you go. Willing victim.

Jen: Uhh, two things. Ah, first of all, I absolutely refuse to make out with you. And second of all, there's a distinct possibility that I'll puke.

Joey: What do you know? Those are my two things. (She puts his arm around her and kisses him as they walk away.)


(Aboard True Love - Jen and Pacey are out at sea.)

Jen: It must have been hard as hell to turn this boat around and come back to reality.

Pacey: That's an understatement.

Jen: You can just forget about the world out here.

Pacey: Yeah, you can almost forget that your girlfriend is spending the entire afternoon with her ex-soulmate.

Jen: Pacey, you know, I'm probably the last person on earth you should be out here with.

Pacey: Oh, that's not true. Ever see Dougie in a Speedo?

Jen: I mean, I love you and Joey, but concerning doubts whether a teenage couple can sustain a relationship, I'm probably not the best person to talk to.


(Joey, Dawson, and Drue are working on their project at the Yacht Club.)

Drue: Excuse a brother for picking up on the intense, dare I say, sexual vibe between the two of you? Must be the Star Wars thing.

Dawson: Star Wars thing?

Drue: It's classic. You're obviously Luke to this Pacey guy's Han Solo. See, you're the stuff of pre-teen daydreams. Cute, smart, non-threatening. Which is great and all, but not for Princess Joey here who's clearly smack dab in the middle of her bad boy stage.

Joey: So how do you fit into this whole scenario, Dru? Jabba the Hutt, I think.

Drue: Hmm. (He grabs his phone and walks away.)


(Joey is pacing near Dawson at the Yacht Club.)

Joey: I just think that if Valentine and Protius came to some mutual understanding…

Dawson: Come on.

Joey: What?

Dawson: Joey, we are trying so hard not to talk about Pacey, he's becoming the subtext of this whole damn play. What do you say we just… get it out in the open once and for all.

Joey: Okay, lets.

Dawson: Pacey and I are not going to be friends again. End of story. And everybody thinks it's time we made up and it's not going to happen.

Joey: Well, since you did bring this up, why not?

Dawson: What's done is done.

Joey: After ten years of friendship, what's done is done?

Dawson: No, after the greatest betrayal of my life, what's done is done.

Joey: Dawson, I was a part of that betrayal.

Dawson: Yes, but you apologized for it. You already showed some remorse for what happened. Pacey could care less. Which is fine. It's just not the kind of person I'm going to race out and be friends with again. And it's time for everyone to just accept that reality and move on with their lives. Starting with you and me talking about this play and not referencing him. (Thunder.) Can we do that?

Joey: Yeah, okay.  I'll be right back. (She gets up to check the weather report.)


(Yacht Club)

Dawson: Joey, I'm outta here. If you actually want to work later, let me know.

Joey: Dawson, they're out there.

Dawson: Who's out there?

Joey: Pacey and Jen are out on the boat.

Dawson: Uh, no wonder you've been so out of it. Why didn't you say something like an hour ago?

Joey: Well it wasn't this bad an hour ago.

Jack: (He enters, completely soaked from the rain.) Hi, guys. Have you guy seen Andie? I'm supposed to pick her up here.

Andie:  Hey, Jack, I'm here.

Jack: Look, I came early. It's really getting ugly out there.

Andie: Not half as ugly as it got back there.

Bruce: Drue?

Drue: Yeah?

Bruce: Where's your mother?

Mrs. Valentine: What's the matter, Bruce?

Bruce: All the boats from the club are secured in the docks, except three. And those three have radioed in their position and they'll need assistance into the harbor.

Joey: Look, is one of those boats the True Love?

Andie: The True Love is out there?

Bruce: No slips is registered under that name.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Pacey's out there?

Dawson: Pacey and Jen.

Joey: Look, Pacey doesn't have any registration. He always uses whatever slip is vacant.

Bruce: Well, I haven't heard anything about 'True Love' on any of the radio bands.

Joey: Well, look, I know that it's out there. It is definitely out there.


Bruce: There are 3 boats at the mouth of the port trying to make their way into the harbor.

Joey: But you just said yourself none of those boats are the True Love.

Bruce:: Yeah, well, we're escorting them in one at a time. If your friends are out there, we'll get them back safe and sound.

Dawson: Pacey wouldn't come into dock in this weather. There's no way he'd risk his boat.

Bruce:: No sensible person would stay out there in this.

Dawson: (He looks at the map and points.) There's a cove, right off of Crescent Island. We had a storm there once when we were kids. That's where he is.

Bruce:: Yeah, but at this point, in this weather, Crescent Island would provide very little protection.

Dawson: Well, he doesn't know that.

Bruce:: How could he not know?

Joey: Well, obviously his radio is broken, that's why no one has heard from him.

Bruce:: Sorry, I can't send someone miles out to sea in hurricane force winds because you got a hunch.

Joey: But you have to listen to him.

Bruce:: Alright, let's get these boats in. If we still haven't heard from him, I'll send someone looking for your friends.

Joey: But what if it's too late?

Bruce:: I'm sorry, but that's the best I can offer at this point. (He walks out.)

Dawson: They're there, Jo.

Joey: But what can we do about it?

Dawson: Go get them. Now. Do you know if there's a boat I can borrow around here?

Joey: I think Mrs. Valentine has a spare set of keys to all the boats at the club.

Drue: (He walks up holding a set of keys.) Which is why it's always a good idea to be nice to Mrs. Valentine's little boy. Try slip 41, the Artful Dodger. Don't let the old geeze see.


(At the docks-Dawson rushes to the boat with Joey following.)

Dawson: I'll radio in as soon as I know something.

Joey: Dawson, you're not going out there without me.

Dawson: Jo, you're not coming with me. I'm not negotiating this with you.

Joey: My boyfriend's out there. Whatever your reason…

Dawson: …is my reason.

Joey: Dawson, you can't solo the open seas. Not in this weather.

Dawson: Joey…

Joey: Look, I can't worry about the both of you!

Dawson: Let's go. (They both get on the boat.) Untie the dock line!


(Pacey and Jen are inside True Love when there is a loud noise and the boat rocks.)

Jen: Jeez, I think we hit something!

Pacey: Or something hit us. You alright?

Jen: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jen: You're right! It's a boat!

Pacey: It has to be Dawson. Come on!

Dawson: Pacey, Jen, are you alright?

Jen: Now we are.

Dawson: (He throws a rope over.) Pacey, take the line!

Pacey: Got it! (He ties it to his boat)

Joey: Okay? Come on. Watch out!

Jen: I can make it.

Joey: Hold on!

Dawson: You ready? Alright.

Pacey: Now, you gotta time the jump. Ok. Get ready for the wave to break and then you jump over to Dawson. You got it?

Jen: Ok. I'm ready.

Joey: We're right here!

(Jen jumps over to the other boat.)

Dawson: Good job. Ok. Now you! (Pacey unties the rope.) Pacey, come on, let's go. Pacey, let's go!

Joey: Pacey, are you crazy?

Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!

Dawson: You're not gonna make it!

Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!

Dawson: I'm not leaving you! (Dawson jumps over to Pacey's boat.)

Jen: Aah! Dawson!

Joey: Dawson!

Pacey: Dawson, get off of my boat!

Dawson: I'm not letting you do this!

Pacey: Dawson, go!

Dawson: Pacey!

Pacey: Get off my boat! Go!

Dawson: People care more about you than you care about this damn boat! Pacey! (Pacey stares across at Jen and Joey, and they both jump across to the other boat as a huge wave hits True Love.)


(Docks - Pacey is walking up some stairs as Joey follows him.)

Joey: Pacey! Do you have any idea how pissed off I am at you right now?

Pacey: Jo, the best memories of my life are on that sail boat. They represent everything that is good to me in this world, so… you've just gotta excuse me if I'm having a bit of a hard time letting all that go right now.

Joey: No, I won't excuse you. I don't think I've ever been more scared for someone in my entire life.

Pacey: I'm sorry that I put you through that.

Joey: Just… can you do me a favor? In the future when you're dealing with life and death matters… remember that you're thinking for two.

Pacey: I can do that.  (They hug.)

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