Week 10


Well, nothing like singing for your supper, as they say.  Okay so weren't exactly singing.  More like working.  To make a long story short, it isn't so easy to find free docking in Miami.  We usually tend to take whatever slot is free and no one usually bothers us but in the big city we weren't exactly able to slide by unnoticed.  Pacey wanted to just move on but I made a deal with the yacht club's manager... Pacey and I would work a half shift in exchange for the spot.  So we served margaritas to the rich, tacky, and sunburned.  Well, actually, I served up margaritas.  Pacey kind of wound up on dish patrol.  But the manager liked up so much that he paid us to work another full shift!  Between the pay and the tips it was worth it and to tell you the truth I don't think a Joey Potter summer would have been complete without some time spent in a food and beverage serving capacity.  I actually even had a good time.  And I saw this woman who looked exactly like Mrs. Leery walking by on the pier.  Weird.  Maybe I'm more homesick than I realized.  I'm gonna need to get some kind of job when I get back to Capeside.  I'm sure the B&B is going to need all the help i can get with Bessie and Bodie struggling without me all summer... But I'm actually going to need some kind of employment that actually allows for a profit margin if I ever want to get out of Capeside.  Now that I've gotten a taste of the rest of the world... I can't imagine just spending forever there.

Pacey and I have started reading to each other at night.  I know... sounds a little cheesy, but it's comforting in a way.  At first we would just take turns with newspaper and magazine articles.... you know, to keep abreast of important world events like Brad Pitt's wedding to Jennifer Aniston... but then Pacey surprised me with a copy of Moby Dick that he picked up at a used bookstore in the Keys.  He thought it was appropriate for us seafaring folk.  We take turns reading to each other.  I like reading... but to tell you the truth, my favorite part is listening to Pacey read.  He really is a good actor, you know.  And at the sad parts... I can tell when his voice chokes up just a little... like he's actually on the verge of tears.  And then I almost start crying myself and he teases me about being a sap.  Even though we both know he started it!  I don't know how to explain how I feel about Pacey.  The words "I love him," sound trite and overused.  It's like, anyone could use them to describe how they felt about anybody.  I mean Antony loved Cleopatra, right?  Romeo loved Juliet?  And I feel no remote connection with those couples.  I wish I had the words to describe the unique feeling that we share.  I'm sure it sounds pretty delusional to presume us to be the first and only people to ever feel this way about each other... but I still like to think there is something about Pacey and me that no one can ever quite touch.  "Love" doesn't even come close to describing what I feel.


Okay, I have to admit it.  When Joey first suggested we spend our evenings reading to each other, it sounded suspiciously like homework to this particular avowed slacker.  But when I saw Moby Dick at the used bookstore (for only 99 cents - a bargain!) in Key West, I thought, hey, I actually like this book!  And membership in our little reading club has its privileges.  I get to hear Joey's sweet, sexy voice reading page after page, the excitment in her voice as she reads the story of Ishmael and Captain Ahab and the rest... not to mention her sarcastic sidebars... I'll admit the story is a little date, but no less classsic.  I guess I always identified with Ishmael a little bit.  You know, he's something of an outcast, feels a little removed from everybody... and so he went out to sea.  I guess I figured I was always gonna be the lonely sailor until the day I saw Joey standing there, telling me she loved me... that she wanted to come with me on this journey.  Maybe there oughta be a sequel to this book.  Ishmael lives happily ever after sailing away with is own "true love".  Okay so everyone in the book pretty much died, but not good old Ishmael.  He's not exactly a hero but neither am I.  I don't know how come I got lucky enough to be with the girl of my dreams.... but I'm holding on to every minute of it.

What else could we possibly need?  I know Joey doesn't feel that way.  Because she has ambitions... and she can achieve them too.  She's smart and she's talented.  She could do whatever she wants... and though I'm loath to admit it at the moment... so could Dawson.  Certainly Andie.  Even Jen.  Sometimes I wonder how come I don't have any ambitions.  I take that back.  This was it.  This was my ambition.  I'm doing the one thing I've always wanted to do.  The only thing I have to look forward to now... is being with Joey.

And I thought maintenance duty at the B&B was tough!  I gotta say, dish duty at the yacht club in Miami is no picnic either.  Somehow Joey manages to swing serving up Margaritas in the sunshine, while I got stuck washing and wiping in the back!  I guess the manager thought Joey was cuter than me.  But I have to admit this was a pretty good iea of mine.  Well not mine exactly.  Partly mine.  I mean, I said it was a good idea, didn't I?  Okay so Joey was the instigator of this particular adventure.  But it's good money... plus free docking which is scarce to say the least around here.  Sometimes I wish we could just stay here... you know, work at the club, sleep on the boat.

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