Week 11


You wouldn't believe the kind of one day gigs you can find if you look for them - especially if you're boat people, as Pacey and I have come to think of ourselves - and are hard up for cash.  Pacey managed to swing a gig taking people on a "Dolphin Tour" in Daytona when the tour company overbooked.  It was pretty hilarious.  They stuck us with the tourists who didn't know how to speak English so they had no idea what Pacey was saying, which was good, because neither did Pacey.  He was making up the whole thing as he went along, complete with comic timing.  I stayed out of it.  I stayed up on deck looking out at the blue water and wondering at it's magnitude.  And how it seems to stretch on forever --- but really, it doesn't - and if you sail long enough and far enough you'll inevitably find land again.  And that make me think about Pacey and me.  Can these feelings we have really last forever?  Or are they too destined to come into contact with reality sooner or later?

All I wanted was some Georgia peaches.  I don't think that's to much to ask considering the chances of my making a return trip to Savannah any time soon are pretty much nonexistent, and the only think I know that you HAVE to do in Georgia is eat peaches.  But Pacey didn't want to dock here fro no apparent reason.  There was a big sign that said "Georgia Peaches sold here" and I didn't want to have to trudge around traveling inland to find them - and for some inane reason Pacey refused to stop there.  So now we're at the next port up and I"ve spent what meager daylight remains of the day walking all around the port just trying to find some damn peaches and Pacey keeps looking over his shoulder as if the ghosts of Sherman's army were following hiim or something.  He acted the same way on the way down the day we got caught in the rain storm... and with those distracting thoughts of potential death I never actually made the effort to find out to figure out what was going on with him... But two incidents of Pacey weirdness in one summer must be probed.  Communication is one thing I know we have to have... and I need to make sure he knows he knows he can tell me everything... including whatever it is that's on his mind.


It wasn't that I didn't want Joey to get her Georgia peaches.  Heck, I was craving some fresh fruit myself!  But somehow I knew the day I ran into Krudski's dad that the likelihood that I'd run into him again was, unfortunately, disproportionately high.  And as luck would have it, there he was in Georgia.  Joey was so confused.  Not to mention annoyed.  But to explain why I've been avoiding the guy like the Ebola virus would force me to explain some things that Will doesn't exactly want the entire world to know.  I mean, not that Joey is the entire world.  I know I can trust her.... but what's the rule for situations like this - when you've promised one person to keep a secret, and vowed to another to always tell them the truth?  Are girlfriends excluded from such promises?  Last time, the rain came and Joey never asked about it again, but this time I don't think she's going to let it go.  I'm going to have to tell her the truth.  But it isn't really my truth to tell.  It's Will's.  I sent him an email yesterday seeking some direction in this matter.  Now I just have to stall Joey long enough for him to reply...

From: TheKrud
To: PWitter
Subject: ahoy, mate!

Hey Witter!

Got your email.  So you really did it, huh?  I'm impressed.  Don't know many 16-year-olds who can make it down the street in one piece, let alone down the Atlantic!  But hey, it keeps you off the road, I guess.  Heh heh.  Just kidding.  So, you saw my dad, huh?  Lucky you (not).  You can tell Joey about him if you want to.  I mean - I don't exactly really feel like the fact that they guy is a total jerk is exactly headline news anymore.  I'm trying pretty hard to start a new life here.  But the past always seems to come back to haunt me... I won't get into that.  Rawley's okay I guess... too many long, complicated stories... anyway I gotta go.  Come visit me some time.  That would be cool.  Say hey to Joey for me.  She's a great girl... you're a lucky guy...


With Will's blessing, I finally told Joey about running into Will's dad and what that meant and why I'd circumnavigate the Earth to avoid having to deal with that guy.  Whaddaya know?  Joey said she understood - she was relieved, actually, to hear I wasn't trying to steer her away from a port where I'd had secret romantic liaison (When??  Joey and I are practically becoming each other's appendages!)... Now why would I need to run off with some wonton hussy when I already have the coolest girl in all the ports as my first mate!  But if nothing else, this little interchange forced me to remember to send Will an email.  It's kinda weird to think of him at that prep school.  Will's not exactly your classic prep school type - anymore than I am.  And can you imagine ME in prep school?  Heh, heh... it's kinda like imagining my brother in the WWF.  All for now...

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