Week 13


I let Pacey out of my sight for about two minutes and look what happens!  He decided to cut his hair himself.  I suggested tht maybe he might have wanted to wait for... I don't know, a barber, but he said his hair was getting way too long since neither of us have exactly been hitting the salons on our little cruise down the coast, and he had a razor on board that he uses for shaving anyway.  So he figured he'd see what it did to his hair.  He was so proud of himself, too!  And it looks well, it looks different!  I don't really know what else to say about it except it will grow back, right?

Pacey thinks I'm crazy for doing homework over the summer.  Well, can I help that the English class I'm taking requires us to do summer reading?  Pacey probably doesn't even know if ther is a summer reading requirement for his English class!  He doesn't exactly focus on things like that.  But I, on the other hand am hoping for a decent enough class ranking to get me a scholarship since I can't exactly afford my choice of Ivies, if you know what I mean.  But it's so hard to imagine being back in school... I can read this play and I can even write up my brief analysis of it - it's not the work that I mind.  But it's so hard to imagine being back in a classroom, back in Capeside, watching the snow fall outside the window, thinking about my next class, or what I'm going to eat for lunch... or whatever topic has permeated our already angst filled lives.  I think about seeing Andie and Jen and Jack every day and Dawson... it's going to be weird.  And it's so hard to even conceptualize school while I'm basking out on deck, watching Pacey fish and watching the sunset... Ah well... back to work.


I don't know how Joey can even think about some ridiculous English class summer assignment!  I mean, any class that has homework over the summer just sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me.  But if Joey wants to read Shakespeare, far be it from me to stop her.  As long as she doesn't start talking in iambic pentameter!  I just picked this harmonica up for 2 bucks at an antique store off Cape May, which is at the southern tip of New Jersey.  Okay, so I kind of suck at it.  But I like how it sounds.  While Joey is reading her tired old British dramas, I'm going to figure out how to play this thing.  Well... maybe not.  Maybe I'll catch us some dinner.  Or maybe I'll just watch the ocean for a while... Except that my hair is getting in my face.  I think it's time for a haircut before I really start to look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart!

I'm glad it looks different!  I've always believed in starting a new school year with a new look.  Maybe it's just the hope that my guidance counselor won't recognize me... but I think a new look is a good thing.  Okay so frosting the tips didn't work out quite as I wanted it to, so I went for style this time instead of color.  Okay, perhaps I got a little carried away with the razor.  But I didn't have a lot of tools to work with here... But I like it.  It's a whole new me.  It says "one more year till I'm free of Capeside High!"  Joey's another story.  I don't think she likes it.  Maybe it was the way her face turned sort of green when she looked at me.  And the way her eyebrows crinkled while she was trying to contort her stunned expression into a smile.  It doesn't look that bad!  Does it??

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