Week 14


We didn't stop in New York City on the way south because it was too expensive to dock there... But I told Pacey I wasn't gonna miss my chance to see the Empire State building.  It looked unbelievable at night, in all it's splendor.  We still couldn't really dock here, but Pacey gave a guard ten bucks to let us sit in the loading area while we manage a brief tour of South Street Seaport.  I couldn't believe how many people were there. Let's just say when you've been spending all summer at little southeastern ports, New York City is something of an eye-opener.  It's such a whirlwind of activity. Tonight I just tried to find some way to take in all its splendor in fifteen minutes.

It made me think of Jen, too.  I can't believe she actually grew up here.  How do you go from this to Capeside?  I was pretty tough on her when she first got to town... okay, I was a total bitch.  But no wonder I was threatened.  Just think of this world she came from, and with the exception of a couple trips to Boston and Providence, I'd barely been ten miles from my backyard.  Still I don't know how she manages not to look back.  I think I would.

Pacey brought me these flowers from a street vendor at the seaport.  I can't believe he spent money on flowers!  We're suppose to be saving what little cash we have left for emergencies!  But still... they're so beautiful and so romantic.  A year or two ago, I never would have admitted to even being remotely interested in stuff like that.  It's so cliche, for one thing.  For another I would have said something like "flowers are just an antiquated symbol that no longer carries any meaning except a desperate, sexist attempt to prove that they guy has seen one too many movies on the Romance Channel."  But I have to admit that in the here and now I can see why it carries meaning to people.  Because in its old fashioned sentiment, it says "I love you" without those trite, overplayed words.  Pacey's just amazing... He's promised me that tonight will be the most romantic night of my life.  I don't know what that means, but I know one thing.  I can't wait...



Hey Dougie!

You can tell Dad the True Love is sailing smoothly.  Guess where we are?  Now, don't make any assumptions based on this postcard.  Just kidding.  Yeah, we're in the Big Apple.  Joey and I are having a great time and much as I look forward to returning to spotless domicile, I think it's gonna be a few more weeks before we pull into the Cape.  So, till then... try not to miss me too much...


I brought this postcard because I thought it would capture how awesome the all too famous New York skyline looks! But then I realized it didn't really cut it.  Somehow, pictures never really do - because we live in a three dimensional, five or six sense world.  A photograph can only capture two dimensions and exactly one lonely sight sense.  So, I decided to mail it to Doug.  That way they can't say I never wrote home, right?  I am NOT looking forward to going back there.... to be honest though I'm glad I'm going back to Doug's insane apartment.  At least it's not home with my dad.  But back to New York City. This place rocks!  But we gotta get out of here soon before my boat gets towed.  I wonder where they tow boat... But I don't wanna find out!

Okay, I admit it, I couldn't help myself.  So it's a little neanderthal.  But I brought Joey a bouquet of flowers.  And she didn't laugh at me either!  I think she really liked them.  Go figure.  I never knew she liked flowers.  I'm learning new things about her every day, which is incredible, since I've know her practically my whole life.  As long as Dawson has in spite of the way Dawson acts like he invented the whole friends-forever thing.  But enough about Dawson.  Tonight is going to be all about Joey and me!  I have plans... big plans.  And I'm not even going to write down what they are in case Joey gets nosy and snoops.  All I'll say is this.  This is going to be the most romantic night ever... for both of us!

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