Week 8


Pacey is the most wonderful, most romantic, smartest person I have ever known!!  He found a way to take me to Disney World!  We got a 2 day pass - I don't know how he paid for it.  But let's jus say I think we're going to have to pretty much "borrow" docking priviledges on the way back up the coast.  But we spent one day at Disney World and another at Epcot center!  We stayed there from opening till closing both days and walked until I could swear my feet were going to fall off.  At Disney World we actually ate dinner in Cinderella's castle!  Up until now McDonald's has been the closest we've come to fine dining - and the occassional Denny's splurge.  Pacey wouldn't even let me look at the bill and while I would normally chide him for such a ridiculous, anachronistic display of machismo - I was having too good of a time to notice I've never felt more like a fairy tale princess in my entire life.  And up until now I've never would have even admitted that was something I'd even wanted to feel like!  Then we spent the evening walking around Epcot Center, the only place you can visit nine different countries in a matter of a couple hours.  There's even a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower in "France".  Maybe Dawson was right - this is, literally, this summer's France for me!  And it was so romantic - It's couldn't have been better if it was the real thing.

They actually have fireworks here very single night!  They're amazing.  At Epcot, they do them over this shimmering lake in the middle of all the countries.  And they do them at Disney World too.  Pacey and I were riding on Thunder Mountain (which he convinced me to go on even though I am terrified of roller coasters!) and all of a sudden the fireworks just started and made me forget all my fears!  We had this perfect clear view as we were roaring through the top of the mountain.  I screamed out loud!  It was amazing.  Then we ate freshly made caramel popcorn and watched the Electric Light Parade.  I can't believe I'm in Disney World.  I brought Jen a souvenir Mickey Mouse hat.  I don't think she'll ever wear it, but I thought it would look cute!  Pacey even lightened up and picked a couple of things for his sisters.  He tried to buy a Minnie Mouse bow for Doug, but I wouldn't let him!  We're having such an amazing time... I never want it to end.


And Joey thought she was scared of roller coasters!  That is because she never went on one with Pacey Witter.  She thought it was an accident that we were on top of Thunder Mountain when the fireworks went off - truth be told I planned it that way!  I wanted to give Joey the most romantic Disney World trip possible - something that she would never forget.  I can't believe we managed to get here.  I was totally winging it, hoping we'd end up somewhere near Orlando when I took the St. John's River to dock in Sanford.  Whaddaya know?  Here we are.  And I spent the rest of my repair money after fixing only the dire emergency parts after the storm, so the boat better not incur any more rough waters.  But right now, I'd do this even if it meant indentured servitude to Doug for the rest of my life... it's worth it to be here with Joey.

I picked up this Dumbo key chain for Andie.  I don't know if I'm going to give it to her or not... but how could I not think of her with those little elephants flying through the air in Fantasy Land.  I couldn't help thinking she would have loved it here.  I hope she can forgive me - but most importantly I hope she can forgive Joey.  She needs friendship more than I do - and I'm afraid after this summer I'm going to have to become accustomed to pretty much living without it.  Joey is my whole world now.  I can't imagine being with or even wanting to be with anyone else.  But Andie is a truly good person.  And a good friend.  I hope we can still be friends when this boat makes it's way back to Capeside's shores.  But in the mean time... I'm having the best damn summer of my life!  Now I've just got to figure out which way south is cause we are going all the way to Key West!

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