Week 9


Well, so much for Cinderella's Castle.  Now it's back to the usual fresh seafood special.  I have to admit Pacey is pretty good as a fisherman.  He's so good that at this prot in Key Largo, one of the local eateries paid Pacey $100 to catch a couple of flounders for the restaurant!  Then they even let us eat at the restaurant for free!  And even though Cinderella's Castle was beautiful and romantic, sometimes I think there's no better feeling in the world than sitting by Pacey's side as he prepares the fish he caught for the two of us to eat.  It's like I know that there's nothing more we need on this earth besides each other.

How cute is this kitty??  We finally made it to Key West - our ultimate destination, and I told Pacey we weren't leaving before I visited the Hemingway house, which is only the most famous tourist attraction here short of the street corner sign that informs you you've 90 miles from Cuba, and Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" cafe.  Anyway the many, many descendants of Hemingway's cats still live here and are all taken care of by the staff - and they're adorable.  I wanted to take one back to Capeside with us but I kind of figured they probably like Key West a little better than they'd like our dreary little town.  I know I do!!  But we're here - the southernmost part of the entire United States!  And now we get to turn around and do it all again.  I don't know whether to be happy or sad that we're halfway home.


Believe it or not, some restaurant actually paid me to do some fishing for them!  You know I think at this point I could beat the pants off my Dad in a fishing contest.  Not that I would ever try.  The last thing in the world I want is to compete with him.  But when I get really pissed off at him, I think if I keep that tidbit in the back of my mind, I'll retain my sanity.  I think this fishing thing is actually something I'm good at.  There's something else I'm good at.  Making Joey happy.  I can see it in her eyes.  I thought maybe it was just that Disney glow that girls tend to get - but now I'm beginning to think, maybe it's me.  I can see her when she doesn't think I'm looking, just watching me.  And she just looks totally content.  Sometimes I wish we didn't have to go back home.  I mean, really, what the hell is waiting for us there?  But I'm not going to think about that now.  I'm going to take the girl I love to Key West!  We're almost there.  Whaddaya know?  Pacey Witter can sail the Atlantic.  Miracles do happen, right??

Ah, Key West.  Home to cheeseburgers in Paradise, a house with a dead writer's very much alive kitty cats that make you want to own about ten of 'em, and about a zillion cheesy souvenirs.  I picked up this so-called Florida snowman (a paper weight thingy filled with water - clever, huh?) - I think I'm gonna give it to Dougie.  He can add it to his collection of useless art pieces and whatnot.  When they say peopel take it slow down in the keys, they're not kidding.  I think I waited in line for half an hour to pay for this thing.

I think I'm gonna have to pick up the rest of my souvenirs on the way back.  Actually, I think they're gonna be seashells cause unless Joey and I pick up some more random work, I'm gonna be completely tapped out of cash by the time we hit the Carolinas.  Joey looks cute in Key West.  But what am I saying?  She looks cute everywhere up and down this coast!  And if I had to hazard a guess, I'd wager she'd look pretty damn cute on the other coast too.

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