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Ophelia's Fanfic
Lara's Fanfic
Amy's Fic Portal
Dana's DC Fanfic
Laura Smith's DC Fanfic
Maz's Web
Pilar's Fanfic
Laura's Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction
StaceyRose's Fanfic
Megan's Magical Mystery Tour
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Save True Love
Operation True Love
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The Project Nookie Boards

sparkle eyez's fanart album
i love and adore this girl's fanart.

Pacey and Joey Lover's Shrine
I Hate the Head
SilverAngel's Site

Dawson's Creek Links

Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek Music

Project HELLmates

Katie Holmes Pictures
Josh Central
Pacey's Pond

DC Headquarters
Dawson's Creek Absolute Madness Page
Dawson's Creek Information Zone
Dawson's Creek Daily
The Creek & The Hellmouth
Down By the Creek
True Lovers Forever

Other Links

The WB
the network that gave us dawson's creek and other shows i can't seem to stop watching
Television Without Pity
recaps for television shows and more
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