Season 4

401-Coming Home:
"This Years Love"-David Gray
Playing during the P/J boat scene at the end of the episode and while they are reading to each other.

402-Failing Down:
"How Could We Know"-Say-So
Playing at the beginning of the episode when Pacey and Joey are walking outside of the school.

Playing while Pacey and Joey are sharing a pizza on "True Love".

"Superman"-Five For Fighting
Playing at the end of the episode when P/J are at the docks, and Pacey tells Joey about his academic problems and asks for her help.

404-Future Tense:
Playing when P/J first arrive at the party.

Playing when comes upon Pacey playing strip poker.

"Day Ditty"-Wild Colonials
Playing while P/J are talking in front of the B&B after the party.

406-Great Xpectations:
"Settling Sun"-Chemical Brothers
Playing in the background at the rave while P/J talk on the couch outside.

408-The Unusual Suspects:
"Crazy For This Girl"-Evan and Jaron
Playing while Pacey is having a flashback of him and Joey outside the police station while under questioning.

409-Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang:
Playing while Joey and Pacey are in the school hallway talking about Worthington party.

"String Quartet In C Major "Emperor"" - Franz Joseph Haydn (Composer)
Playing while Joey and Pacey first arrive at the Worthington party.

"String Quartet No. 15" - Franz Joseph Haydn (Composer)
Playing when Joey and Pacey are at the dinner table with Mr. Kubelik.

"Don't Need A Reason"-Beth Orton
Playing at the end of episode when Pacey is helping Joey study.

411-The Tao of Dawson:
"I Think God Can Explain"-Splender
Playing during the montage of scenes at the end when Dawson's letter is being read including a scene of P/J on the docks looking all lovey-dovey.

412-The Te of Pacey:
"Lean On Me"-Beth Orton
Playing at the end of the episode when P/J are talking about their future and during the fireworks.

"Waiting For a Sign"-Mary Beth
Playing at the end of the episode when P/J are hugging by the window after discussing their relationship.

414-Winter's Tale:
"How Does It Feel"-Radford
Playing after Pacey rejects Anna's advances, and P/J meet up and head to their room.

"Takes My Breath Away"-Tuck & Patti
Playing at the end of the episode when P/J are about to make love. (It's the SEX DAY song!)

415-Four Stories:
"Spectre Chase"-King Lear Jet
Playing when Joey is reading a magazine, and Pacey comes up to her with chocolate hearts..

"In The Sun"-Joseph Arthur
Playing at the end of the P/J scene when they are outside, and Joey explains to Pacey how she feels about their night together.

416-Mind Games:
"Windows"-Amy Cook
Playing when Joey arrives at Pacey's house to spend the night.

"Laughter"-Josh Rouse
Playing the morning after while P/J are in the kitchen.

"In Metal"-Low
Playing at the end of the end of the episode when P/J are takign a walk on the beach.

"Bye Bye"-Marcy Playground
Playing when Joey tells Pacey that she got into Worthington.

"Why Walk When You Can Fly"-Karen Blake
Playing while P/J talk on the phone.

"Talk Show"-Dig Deeper
Playing when P/J are walking up to another deck, and Joey tries to get Pacey to tell her what is bothering him.

"Wonderful Thing"-Vegabond Lovers
Playing when Pacey confronts Dawson and Joey while they are dancing, and he starts yelling at Joey.

421-Separation Anxiety:
"Write Me A Song"-Edwin McCain
Playing when Joey is over at Pacey's to invite him to the Worthington party.

"Windows"-Amy Cook
Playing when Pacey picks up Joey for the party.

"Around and Around"-Mark Kozelek
Playing when Pacey drops Joey off at home after the party.

422-The Graduate:
Playing when Pacey spots Joey sitting at a table during the graduation party when they talk.